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Tony being an insecure dad

Hey guys, ive been looking for some fics where Tony is like a dad. And interactions with the team. I have some prompts below, there might not be any fics exactly like those prompts, but i am looking for something close to them. My fav ship is Stony, but i dont mind others. Please help.

1. Tony is an actual father of a child and is tryjng to raise the child on his own. Tony, as you guys know, didnt have a great dad, and tries his hardest to be better than what he had as a kid. Risky things happen and he almost loses the kid but the team has Tonys back.

2. Tony gets nervous when the team points out that he is dad like with Peter, or points out that Tony is doing something that resembles Howard only slightly. Tony over thinks and the team has to tell him that hes doing great and remind him that Tony is not like Howard.

3. The team move in after Civil war and find out about Peter. Things are tense between the team, but the team slowly starts getting better bc of Peter

4. Tony and kids. Him being really good around them. The team is shocked that hes good with kids.

I just really like it when the team likes Tony... even if it takes a while, at the end they do and i felt like them seeing his dad side would help. :)

Again thanks for the help guys~


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