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Looking for fic where Clint's skin turns to stone?

Hi, all!  I've been hanging out here on anon for a while, but looking for this fic has finally driven me to make an account...

I'm looking for a fic where some of the Avengers get extra super powers.  I think there was some kind of machine that transformed them?  

When Clint came out of the machine, he couldn't tell what had changed until Phil told him.  I remember that Clint's skin turned into marble/stone, and he was more or less invulnerable.  His skin was tough enough that Bruce couldn't draw any blood from him.  He also got stronger; he lifted a big desk easily.  When he was around people he's comfortable with (Nat, Phil), he went back to normal.  

I have a vague recollection that their new powers were supposed to be their strength or represent them somehow.  Tony definitely had some kind of technopathy.  I can't recall if any other the rest of the team was affected; I think they had to choose if they wanted to find out what their power would be?

I'm certain I had this bookmarked somewhere, but I am totally failing to find it.  I would so appreciate any help!


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