saccccc wrote in avengers_search

Loki/OC starting in Thor:Ragnarok

Hi! This is my first post here, so I'm sorry if I get something wrong, but I really want to find this fic that I've read before and lost! I remember that it starts in Thor: Ragnarok, specifically when those girls ask Thor for a picture, only there's another girl there too and she asks Loki for a picture instead. There's also a soulmate trope in there, I think it's that you heal faster with your soulmate around? But they discover that they're soulmates and then Loki gets pulled away by Strange. I also remember that (and this is a spoiler for the fic, sorry!) towards the end of the movie Loki's soulmate like absorbs the tesseract/space stone? If anyone knows what fic this is please let me know! Thank you :)


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