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Lost My Loki

Looking for the story where Odin takes Loki home, but after a few years, gives him to Heimdall to raise. My Google-foo hasn't found it in a week's time, so I'm asking for help.

Also, I misplaced a tale in which Sif and the Warriors 3 get Loki killed and replace him with a golem, but nobody realizes the switch-up. Not sure but I think maybe Loki was killed by a bilgesnipe or something. I keep getting Cephei's Golem-verse stories when I try using the AO3 search feature. :/

Thanks for any ideas or suggestions!
Tags: character: loki, character: sif, character: thor, character: warriors 3, genre: angst, genre: pre-avengers, theme: dopplegangers, theme: kid!fic, theme: loki (underage)

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