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bree lee

looking for a specific tony centric post cacw fic

im looking for a fic i read a while ago on ao3 but i cant really remember the title or the summary. all i remember from the fic is that it was set during or after the events in civil war, and it was about a slow reconciliation between tony and steve (so not an anti team cap fic, i dont think).

also tony is sick and/or recovering, i think from a heart attack or other heart problems. i cant remember if he was being treated in wakanda or at avengers compound, but i think tony stayed in the med bay a lot. one scene that i remember is that tony and steve was supposed to finally have a meeting to talk about reconciliating (for a lunch or breakfast together?), but right before tony was supposed to go, he collapsed in his room and had to be resuscitated, and i think steve was the one to find him because tony didnt show up and he thought tony was ditching him.

i think it was a long-ish fic, but not too long. about 15-30 chapters, but im not really sure. it was pretty angsty, i remember.

if anyone knows of this fic, please let me know!!!
Tags: character: steve rogers, character: tony stark, search: fic (specific), theme: civil war, theme: tony (hurt)

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