Yasmina Kohl (Yasmina Kohl) wrote in avengers_search,
Yasmina Kohl
Yasmina Kohl

Avengers Loki, but also Jotun Loki (might be a twofer request)

I can’t find this story and it’s starting to annoy me.
Loki is working with the avengers is even living in the tower.
I think he’s with Tony. But when he fights it’s in his Jotun form.
I want to say his call sign/hero name is something like Midnight.

Also (might be a different story but I think it’s all the same) Stev marries Sif and because of weird Asgardian rules she’s the husband and he’s the wife. Steve has to do some trial where he has to get a dragons egg and instead of killing the dragon he asks if he can borrow the egg and Odin kinda flips out.

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