Snowdrop Pax wrote in avengers_search

Asgard's armies keep invading Stark tower, keep failing.

Looking for a fic. My memories are vague but I think it was frostiron, where Asgard's armies and all of their might kept coming to Stark Tower (and generally destroying the place) in search of Loki, who was either staying there or kept visiting. Tony kept refusing to give him up.

I remember that at one point JARVIS sprayed all of the guards with fire extinguisher foam, and i think at another point Loki cast a spell that made it so they couldn't cross into the penthouse, and they were all packed onto the balcony like sardines.

Also, I might be confusing my fics here but i think Loki staged some big thing on Asgard and acted like he was breaking into Freya's garden to steal her fruit, but he was actually distracting the guards long enough to steal a Golden Apple, which he then gave to Tony.


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