lovemyfics wrote in avengers_search

looking for peter parker fics

Hi everyone I am looking for recommendations on some types of peter parker fics 

The first is any fics featuring peter meeting the avengers either as a kid or post-civil war where they don't know who he is or is surprised by his relationship with Tony.

The second is any type of fic where peter's internship or right to be in the tower is challenged, this could include security trying to escort him out or staff or avengers not believing him.

The third is any type of post endgame fic where tony survives and comforts peter. It could be that peter doesn't feel he fits into the world post-snap. Or it could be tony demanding peter, as his son to his hospital bed. The best ones are where tony and morgan make peter feel part of the family.

If anyone knows of any fics that match these descriptions or have any recommendations please let me know. 



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