zxixax (zxixax) wrote in avengers_search,

Looking for maybe 2 specific fanfics. Its about Loki

Hey y'all. Sorry to disturb everyone. I just- I've been dying to reread a fanfic. I dont remember everything... I just remember that a sort of creature (extremely rare) attaches itself to Loki's spine and not going into details cuz its gruesome but Thor had to burn his back to purify him.

The second one again I dont remember much. I just remember reading about Loki talking to Jormungandr from the ocean and one time he got worried and cause earthquakes under the city because he wanted to see his father.

Idk if it's the same fanfic or different ones but I would really appreciate your help.

P.s:Excuse my English. Its kinda all over the place.

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