Caitlyn Dean wrote in avengers_search

Looking for two specific Irondad fic’s!

These have been bugging me all damn day and I can’t find them!

One: Tony is sticking reliving his worst nightmare (Peter dying) the rest of the Acengers have no idea who Peter is, but Pepper and Rhodey do. While they wait for Peter to show up, Wanda uses her powers to go into Tony’s mind in order to convince him that it’s not real.

Two: Now My memory of this one isn’t that great, but here is what I think it includes (I could also be mixing up two different fanfics)....

  • Post end-game, but Tony is alive
  • Aunt May has a husband
  • Husband is abusive to Peter
  • Aunt May is verbally abusive and sort of neglectful
  • Ned gets mad at Peter and MJ takes Ned’s side
  • Flash reaches out to Peter and gives him comfort
  • The husband is eventually arrested
  • Ned and MJ find out about the abuse
  • Aunt May informs Peter that she is pregnant and is gonna give the baby up for adoption, because clearly she isn’t ready to be a mom
  • Peter respects this choice and says his final goodbye before going home compound or tower


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