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Genius, billionaire, philanthropist... dad


I'm looking for a fic in which Tony is a parent (can't remember if he's single or not), and the premise is that he's really just a normal dad now. And Natasha is good friends with Tony and the kid, so she writes the canon report of "iron man yes, Stark not recommended" so that he won't have to put himself in danger now that he's a parent.

Once the Avengers meet to fight Loki, it turns out that Steve already has a bad impression of Tony bc he read Nat's report and thought it was legitimate. I can't remember if it's a stony pairing or just gen or another pairing entirely. All I remember is once the battle is over and they all head to the tower, Steve sees Tony with his kid for the first time and realizes that his first impression was wrong.

Thanks for your help!

Tags: theme: natasha (protective), theme: tony (parent)

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