Seung Lee (seung185) wrote in avengers_search,
Seung Lee

Searching for a specific fanfic!

I’m looking for this GotG fanfiction where Rocket, after the Snap, goes back to Vormir to look for Gamora, but instead finds a baby at the bottom of the cliff she got shoved off (turns out she was pregnant with Peter Quill/Starlord’s child and didn’t know, and because the Soul Stone only requires one soul for the sacrifice, some cosmic BS happens or smth and the baby gets “born” and is still alive when Rocket arrives) and takes her with him back to the Milano, where he and Nebula raises her and when she grows up she wears Peter’s jacket and helm and uses Gamora’s dagger, I think? Yeah that’s all the details I can remember. If anyone knows which fanfic I’m talking about then pleeeeaaaseeee send me the link!

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