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Trickster Archetypes United!

I am looking for the Loki-on-Asgard story wherein Odin calls forth the younger prince (from the dungeons??) and proceeds with the standard "Loki did it - it's all Loki's fault" scapegoating, with not a nay-sayer in the crowd - not even Thor or Frigga. Loki says he's had it with these idiots and 'escapes' with Hermes(?) and Thor chases after them, imagining Loki will begin Ragnarok.

Loki arrives in a hidden realm/plane/place, where tricksters of all pantheons have a home, and goes off to do some healing (of someone else).

Coyote accompanies Thor to the realm/plane/place, and tries to talk sense to him, but not happening, Thor is thick as a brick!

I think Hades was there and Thor insulted him. Also, Narfi and Vali were playing/arguing nearby, and when Thor saw them, he got really angry and declared they need to be put to death - he had thought they had been killed at birth!

Anyone recognize this story?
Tags: character: loki, character: thor

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