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bucky has a baby thanks to hydra experiments (pre first avenger)

I'm looking for a bucky fanfiction. i read in on tumblr once (1 year or a couple months ago). not sure if it was x reader or an actual charater. but the story was about a female who was in a hydra complex ( no idea how she got there, I don't remeber the first chapters) and she is there to get impregnated by the winter soldier (i think they called him asset in the story bit idk anymore). Then the reader has the baby and they name him (luca or somthing not quite sure of thet aspect) but bucky calls him myshka. then they escape hydra and get on a train and bucky mentions that he rembers he is called/ got called bucky. they walk trough snow and all and bucky steals a car from ( eastern european country). then in another chapter they were in Brazil and reader and her son went to the market without bucky's knowledge and he isn't happy with that. And they go inside bucky tells them they need to move again. and reader isin the kitchen and she doesnt hear bucky and her son playing so she thinks something bad has happend, but bucky just wants to test how sharp she still is for danger.

i kow it's a very vague discription but i hope someone can help. (the story is most definitly before 'the first avenger' cause the way they discribed their escape trough europe you could understand that their were a lot of soldier ( i think the even mentioned the iron curtian so i think durin the cold war)


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