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Not a specific fic, just a type of plot

I know this will upset a lot of you and I'm sorry, but I'm looking for some Anti-Tony fics. He doesn't necessarily have to be a bad guy(or at least, not the entire time). But I'm looking for some more Team Cap based fics, which center around the idea that the Accords hinder and hurt more than they helped. Ya know, like the clause that anybody who didn't sign away their identities and freedoms to a government that was 5 seconds away from nuking NY would get sent to a secret raft prison(especially after it was revealed that Hydra infiltrated SHIELD).
That treats the idea of putting Wanda under house arrest and treating her like a monster for an accident was not great.
That having this 16-year-old kid fight experienced superheroes, by blackmailing and withholding information no less, was bad(especially since comic Peter wouldn't agree with the accords).
That even though Rhodey got shot out of the sky, Team Iron Man was the team who was aiming to do the same to Sam.
That Tony shot Sam for trying to help(Sam, who dropped out of the sky to try and save Rhodey after he got hit by a shot that was meant for him). That Tony DIDNT do anything about Vision, who actually fired the shot.

I want fics that don't center around Tony and how GREAT he is. Ya feel the vibe I'm putting down??
Bonus points if it centers around Peter or involves the Defenders as well.
Tags: character: tony stark, search: fic (recs), theme: captain america cards, theme: civil war, theme: tony (villain)

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