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Child Loki Goes to Jotunheim to get away from abuse

I’ve been looking for this fic for awhile and can’t find it.
The fic starts with child Loki on Asgard. He was neglected and abused by Odin, Frigga and Thor. A scene I remember is where Thor, Sif and (warriors three?) were hiding in loki’s room (more of a small closet) After stealing cookies from the kitchen. Loki asks if he can have one and they tell him that he didn’t help so he shouldn’t get any. He replies with something like “I’m the one letting you hide in my room.” Sif and him start to have an argument and Sif rips his only toy (an eight legged horse) that one of the servants gave him. He Uses his magic to hit her with fire and burns her. Thor then hits him and I think says something mean to him. I don’t really remember what happens until he goes through a portal type thing and ends up on Jotunheim. There a Jotun Warrior (thrym?) finds him and takes him to the palace. There Loki meets Laufey and farbauti (?). They ask him questions and find out He actually Jotun and their lost son. I don’t really remember much after that except when Loki asks something like “can he stay if he works in the palace” and Laufey or farbauti answer with “he won’t have to work because he’s a prince”.
If anyone can help that Would super great I really want to reread it.
Tags: character: laufey, character: loki, movie: thor, theme: loki (abused), theme: loki (jotun), theme: loki (underage)

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