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demon!au winteriron

Hi! So like a year ago I read this fic, but I was kind of new to fanfic so I didn't save it. So the basic storyline is that Bucky and Steve live together in a little apartment (modern) and everything is fine until for some reason Steve carves a pentagram into a pizza and accidentally summons Clint, who is a pizza demon. And for some reason Clint can't leave so he just kind of starts living with them. Then Steve did it again except with coffee somehow. So Tony shows up and he's like "Clint where the hell have you been?" and Clint is just "We're kinda stuck here but these dudes are cool". So yeah they just live together and Clint summons them pizza and Tony makes coffee and baked goods. I know that Pepper and Natasha show up at some point but I don't know how. Also Tony and Bucky are super flirty the whole time and get together at some point. Thanks!


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