nyxandlux wrote in avengers_search

FOUND - Tony centric fic, alliance building, negotiates with Death

Hi, I'm looking for a Tony-centric fic. Can't remember pairing, either Tony/Loki or Tony/Strange, I think. Focus was on building alliances post Civil War. Specific memory of a scene mid to late in the fic where all of the MCU folks are in the woods (?); there is some argument re pragmatism/morals, then team Cap leaves. Then the characters present agree to negotiate with Death to make Thanos mortal if they can kill him. Person responsible for most deaths negotiates — Tony say, "fifteen to twenty..." Loki goes something like, umm, definitely more than that, and Tony finishes "million.". Peter Quill awkwardly asks Gamora, "so..." and she says no. Tony's negotiation with Death involves him pointing out that Thanos is her fault, but they do get her to agree to rescind his immortality if they defeat him in the next battle. 



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