azure_k_mello (azure_k_mello) wrote in avengers_search,

Steve Thinks Peter is a Bad Guy Then the Avengers Have to Save Him

Hi! I read an amazing story, and now I can't remember the name, the specifics or anything, so I am really hoping someone can help me, please!

Either Clint or Tony brings an injured/homeless Peter Parker into the Tower. Steve immediately thinks that he is a spy (and maybe he is ex-Hydra and is supposed to be spying on them but is now a runaway?), but Peter is just tired and sad and hungry. And at one point, Peter tries to sneak out, and Steve sees him with a heavy backpack and feels vindicated, but when he grabs the backpack, it's not tech or a weapon. It's just food and blankets. And then either HYDRA comes to get Peter back, or SHIELD comes because they realize that Spider-Man is a child they want to force into being either a superhero or on the raft. Then all the Avengers (including Steve) have to present a unified front and protect him.

I have been searching got this story for weeks and am going out of my mind. Thank you.

Tags: character: peter parker, genre: angst, search: fic (specific)

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