Zig Zag wrote in avengers_search

Specific Loki fics

Hey everyone,

I've been searching for these 2 short fics,

1) After Loki starts learning how to fight he starts teaching what he learns to Frigga (who as a proper lady has never been allowed/expected to learn) because he loves his mama and wants her to be able to defend herself. I think people laugh at them and don't take it seriously. I can't remember what else happens or how it ends, I just have that one scene in my head :)

2) After Thor is banished, Loki is freaking out & in this fic I think he decided to run away, but Thors friends realise something is wrong and think that Loki is actually planning to kill himself. I remember them literally chasing after him to the woods or a cliff or something but Loki was actually trying to get to a secret path 

Thanks in advance for any help! :D


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