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Two Fanfics: Volstagg protects Loki’s children, AND Hulk saves Loki from commuting suicide

Omg so like there’s these two fanfics I’m looking for and I can’t find, I read them like a month ago but I used my private browser so I can’t check history 🤦🏻‍♀️ and I forgot to save them!

-okay so the first one: I don’t know how or why but I think Loki didn’t have his magic and he was living in Avengers tower but the scenes I specifically remember is 1) Bruce banner heads to the roof of the tower and finds Loki on the edge Loki throws himself over and banner turns into the hulk and saves him 2) towards the end this scene repeats but instead Loki got his magic back and transforms into like a bird I think and he’s very happy. I think this fanfic also had a scene where Thor uses his lightning to start Loki’s heart

-The second fanfic is: the avengers go visit Asgard (I don’t remember if Loki was with them or in Asgard to begin with), it’s after avengers 1, what I distinctly remember is 1) Loki visits Volstagg’s home and it turns out when Loki was king he ordered Volstagg to protect his kids and so they hid among Volstagg’s kids in disguise 2) the plan to get the kids out of Asgard and to Midgard includes a fake fight between Loki Thor and Frigga 3) in Asgard there’s a fight between the warrior three sif Thor and the avengers, Loki protects Clint and the asgardians are like “how dare u prevent him from vanhalla” and Odin offers Clint a boon 4) later in the end when everyone fights Thanos the kids are there too and Odin sees them then says that he’s taking them but Clint says he’ll call on that boon and he wants the kids 5) also there’s a scene between Deadpool and Hela where they say how they are both beautiful (since they can relate in the looking disfigured or ‘ugly’ thing)

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