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Post CW - Tony aftermath

Hi all — this is my first time posting here, so apologies for any mistakes! 

I'm searching for a fic I read a while ago, and after a week digging through AO3 tags, I'm wondering if anyone remembers it. It was post civil war Stony. 

It opened with Team Cap coming back to the states and Tony inviting them back to the tower. Team Cap is pissed at him because what looked like a sex tape went viral while they were cleaning up messes. But actually Tony was kidnapped and assaulted while protecting Clint's kids. When the video leaked Tony had tried to hurt himself and just barely survived. The team feels guilty and rallies around him, and I think Stony feelings starts to develop. 

Later on it comes out that Obie had basically pimped Tony out as a young man to pay his debts, and there's video footage that Hydra got hold of. Hydra forces the whole team to watch the videos and makes Steve choose between sending Bucky back to Hydra and forcing Tony to relive his trauma. 

This part may be a different fic (it's a little mixed up in my head) but I also remember Natasha introducing Tony to her gf who's a therapist, who helps Tony deal with his trauma and they become friends. He also maybe runs away to hang out with Peter and Harley at some point? 

If anyone else remembers this, I would really appreciate help finding it!! Thanks so much. 


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