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2 specific Stony fics

Looking for 2 specific fanfics for the Steve/Tony pairing. Both works involved some duplicate or clone of Steve, but I can't remember if they were Skrulls or clones or just other versions of Steve from somewhere else in the multiverse.

#1: I remember two scenes from this fic. In the first, Tony is in the workshop when not-Steve walks in; Tony doesn't realize it isn't Steve and I remember he mentions something about Steve getting a haircut, after which he kisses him. I don't remember much else but Tony somehow realizes it isn't Steve. The other scene happens after this, Tony and Steve are at SHIELD looking at the footage from Tony's workshop camera feed, and before they watch it Tony warns Steve that he kissed not-Steve. I distinctly remember Steve saying something about how if he were in the same situation and something looked that much like Tony, he'd have kissed the duplicate too.

#2: All I remember about this one is that Tony walks in on Steve kissing some woman and is devastated before Bucky bursts in and kills Steve. It turns out that it wasn't Steve after all but a decoy, and that the real Steve had been kidnapped or something. I don't think it was long, and there wasn't much more to it than what I described, and it ends with Tony reuniting with the real Steve.


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