sandwichonfire wrote in avengers_search

May&Peter can't pay bills, Life's hard and Pete accidentally tells teacher, CPS comes, Tony fixes it

In the fic May and Peter have a hard time paying their bills. It gets to the point where they have to sell their furniture and stuff. At one point they have to choose between spending money on like new shoes or something for peter vs something in the house I think. May basically says that they have to get the shoes or whatever so that people don't suspect they are struggling. It's winter I believe, they are always cold. And like Peter starts going to his school early in the morning and one day snaps at one of his teachers telling him about all the hardship they have been going through. And he gets taken away and put into like a group home or foster home. And at this point is when Tony gets involved and I all I remember is that Tony gets him out of foster care.


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