Zig Zag wrote in avengers_search

Hi wonderful helpful people,

I'm looking for a loki & tony fic, 

Loki is hiding out on earth presumably after falling from the bifrost (Avengers movie didn't happen) he's bored and amusing himself by stirring up trouble and crazy innovation on a Stark industries (private) company forum, and Tony Stark notices him and they become kind of online-friends with Tony constantly trying to meet him so they can Science together, but Loki keeps dodging him because he's trying to keep a low profile or something. 

Tony eventually finds Loki by mentioning a theory from a rare text book then hacking the internet to find him buying it?

I think he shows up at Loki's house one day and is waiting on his doorstep, then they become friends?

I'm not sure if it was gen or slash

Thanks in advance


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