sanfuturo (sanfuturo) wrote in avengers_search,

Frigga to the Rescue

Looking for an AO3 fic I misplaced after Thanksgiving. It is an Avengers (2012) AU in which Nick Fury has Loki captured in the Hulk-cell on the helicarrier, and is considering what to do next. Tony Stark makes comments over the intercom and Fury asks how he is even getting into the system. Tony says what makes Fury think he ever left it. Bruce is described as nearly going green because SHIELD got a straitjacket on Loki somehow. Enter Odin and Frigga, Bifrost-beamed onto the helicarrier. Frigga demands to see her son. Odin just looks like warrior eye candy I guess, along with two Einherjar they brought with them. Fury tells Frigga she'll be shown to a room to wait, while his people get Loki ready for her. She demands to see Loki immediately, not after they have cleaned him up from whatever torment they have done to him. Fury tells her Loki killed over 100 people. Frigga tells him her men kill thousands in a single day - it doesn't faze her, his trying to shock her with mortality rates, she thinks it's just collateral damage, for which she doesn't intend to apologize. Frigga gets Loki out of gaol and tells Fury she'll be taking her son, the tesseract AND the scepter back to Asgard with her, and Fury looks like he's sucked on a lemon the size of the moon!
If anyone has any ideas, I would be quite thankful to receive them.
Tags: character: bruce banner, character: fury, character: loki, character: tony stark, genre: canon!au, verse: movies

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