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FOUND! JARVIS not dead....

ETA: Found by rippersgirl06 and it is:

Hard Drive by Era_Penn, Hawkwind1980 for EllipsisObsessed
Summary: After everything - after Ultron, after he blew a whole city out of the sky, after having a witch wrench his worst fears from him and use them to turn him into a monster -
After everything, Tony went home.
(He never expected a miracle quite like this.)


I know I read a JARVIS not dead fic and I thought I bookmarked it, but no joy via Google or bookmarks. I would greatly appreciate any help, hints, pointers, etc.

After Sokovia and Ultron happens Tony returns to his workshop devastated by his loss of JARVIS. While I don't think the rest of the Avengers were complete assholes to Tony (I think a few actually were sympathetic and tried to help Tony) I don't recall most of the team took the loss of JARVIS as seriously as Tony. I think he tried to resurrect JARVIS via partial and/or fragmented back-ups but was unsuccessful. At some point Tony is completely despondent and ignores some sort blinking icon or perhaps switches it off? Maybe? And shortly thereafter JARVIS returns. He's missed like month or so time (his last back-up before Ultron) and Friday gets him up-to-date. He apologizes to Sir for not coming back sooner, but a weekly check-in did not work properly because JARVIS' code got mish-mashed with Ultron and spread throughout the internet. Tony finally doing something to the mysterious icon finally told his back-up server to re-upload him.

Tony is just so happy and relieved and joyous.

Sound familiar to anyone. Thanks in advance for any help!
Tags: character: clint barton, character: james rhodes, character: jarvis, character: natasha romanov, character: tony stark, genre: au, genre: hurt/comfort, movie: avengers age of ultron, theme: jarvis (protective), theme: tony (parent), theme: tony (protective)

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