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Bucky finds Steve and they find a life together away from the Avengers

I know I had this story -- it's probably hiding away in my files -- but can't seem to find it. It starts with Bucky secretly contacting Steve on the street. When Natasha finds out she attacks Bucky the next time he shows up, sure he there to kill Steve. Bucky fights back, thinking he's protecting his friend from the Black Widow. Once that gets straightened out Steve and Bucky move in together in a house in another part of NYC, running a company renovation and fixing up houses. There great work and good looks get them a lost of jobs from housewives. (Yelp! reviews on their company's website are included in one part of this multi part tale.) They work out of their home, with some Hispanic families down the street from them. Nat visits them off and on. At one point, Bucky dons the red-white-blue outfit, takes up the shield, and joins the Avengers as Captain America. Nat knows it's not Steve; he moves differently. Like I said, I probably have it saved already, so even giving me just title or author's name might just work. Thanks.

Note: I'm tagging it steve/bucky but I can't remember if they're actually lovers or just best friends/business partners.
Tags: pairing: steve/bucky

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