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Protective Team, Tony being himself

It's been a while and I've finally brought myself to watch Civil War because I need to see the other movies and I couldn't bring myself to watch them without having seen the films that come before. So I'm sad and I need some Golden Age Avengers (i.e, where Tony and Steve are still friends, and everyone is happy and living in the tower), I'll be happy with Comic!fic or Movie!Fic, but just the avengers running round doing avengering and being a happy team.

So thats the sort of time period I want, the actual fic types I would like are;

1. Tony being himself, and the team being protective of him should anyone else try something (maybe they set themselves up as a guard without Tony knowing at events in case of kidnapping attempts, or something).
2. Tony rushing into dangerous situations, with the suit or without and the team being all "For gods sakes Tony!" as they dive to his rescue, or deal with the aftermath. (I do like Tony being surprised to find out people care about him so much, but little to know actual being mean to him).
3. No one knows Tony is Iron man, and are very protective of their squishy civilain (they can find out or not find out who he is, I don't mind) and of course Tony continues to throw himself into everything.

4. Also, could I have something where the team have meetings, I have a sudden urge for like planning meeting, or debriefs, where they actually discuss what happened and work out ways to make things better without anyone ending up shouted at. Usually its Tony whose done something and Cap yelling at him, but they were good friends in the comics, and I'd love to see them all being friends and talking things through.

5. Some fics that fix the end of civil war film and don't leave me disliking any of the characters would be nice, where if cap and his group come back they aren't immeadiately the villians, and Tony and his lot aren't looked at like bad guys either. Where they meet and talk and apologise, maybe something where Cap realises what he and bucky have done to Tony and make the effort to get help for him instead of just leaving him in siberia.

Please and thank you! can be gen or slash, but I'd prefer gen if possible.
Tags: genre: canon!au, genre: gen, genre: hurt/comfort, movie: avengers, theme: domestic avengers, theme: fix-it fic, theme: friendship, theme: team!fic, theme: tony (hurt), theme: tony (kidnapped)

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