hereisamemory (hereisamemory) wrote in avengers_search,

looking for a fic where thor & loki are human and loki rings thor from a plane

i read this fic years ago and never bookmarked it for some reason. i thought it was by a specific author i liked but i never found it again so i'm hoping someone else might know.

the entire fic is quite short and it's based on that "person a rings person b from plane that's about to crash" prompt

so loki and thor haven't spoken in years, i think thor was married to jane?, and then loki rings out of the blue to chat and he's acting weird and i think thor realises something is wrong, and after some conversation he reveals that the plane is in flames or something and is about to crash, and he also mentions that he was on the plane to come and visit thor. i'm pretty sure the line gives out and thor is just left there reeling. no surprise he's alive ending, you're left to assume that he died.

there was no shipping other than from what i remember the mention of jane existing in thors life, but no other characters show up. it was posted on ao3, i think i read it in 2017?

if anyone knows any fic at all that might match this then i'll be super impressed and grateful

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