jansom85 wrote in avengers_search

Looking for a Bamf Pepper Potts fic

So this one is really starting to bug me cause I really cant find it. Its a not steve friendly fic in the aftermath of the fall of shield. 

SI has taken over financing the Avengers and Pepper Potts calls in for a meeting. Its basically her telling them about the new lay out, what SI can and will not pay for. Including Steves personal missions. (looking for Bucky but she does not know that yet) 

These missions are personal and private....... I think Steve said something like that. 

And Pepper tells them that it is okay, they just have to pay for it. And then tells them just how much those trips cost. And Sam freaks out a bit about it. (he doesnt know about the whole Bucky killing the Starks. ) Pepper tells them if they write a mission report or something it might be covered or something like that. 

Ends with Natasha confronting Steve about not telling about the Starks, saying that they need SI and Tony, and if Steve doesnt tell she will throw him under the bus. No Tony in this fic but a really professional awsome Pepper Potts. 

Hope someone remembers it and is nice enough to point me in the right direction=)


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