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Thor, Time Travel, Thor being protective of Loki

I have such an urge to read a time travel fic, where Thor goes back in time, either deliberatly or by accident, and becomes the most protective older brother to Loki in the multiverse. And Loki is left blinking in confusion as he's asked to join in everything Thor is doing, Thor asks to join him when he does something Thor usually finds boring. Thor talks about the Jouton differently suddenly, and Looks at Loki funny sometimes, and just casually mentions that he thinks Loki would look nice in that dress she was eyeing in the window of that shop but has always been too afraid to even hint she might want.

Just Thor time travelling and deciding to use this oportunity to be the best brother in the whole world, in hopes that he can change things. (and maybe he can or maybe he can't. Maybe Loki was always supposed to end up captured by Thanos and tortured and brainwashed -we all know he was really right?- and lead an invasion to earth, but at least now Thor has difinate proof that that was what happened).

Anything along this theme would be appreiated. Even if it's only Thor going back in time a little way and replaying the events of the first thor movie, or the avengers with future knowledge at play. And I would just love adorably confused Loki.

No pairings if possible, gen very much preferred.

Thank you.
Tags: character: loki, character: thor, movie: thor, theme: kid!fic, theme: time travel

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