dreamwind83 wrote in avengers_search

[FOUND] Post CW FIx-It w/mentor Tony

Okay so I am looking for a post Civil War Fix-It fic. Where the Avengers were pardoned and come back to the compound. It was a Steve/Bucky pairing and if I remember correctly it was heading into a Steve/Bucky/Tony pairing. It also focused a lot on the mentorship between Tony & Peter. Tony tells Peter not to reveal that he is Spider-Man to the other Avengers, especially Steve & Bucky because Tony wasn't sure yet how much he could trust them. 

One scene I remember really clearly is when Steve & Bucky realize that Peter is Spider-Man. Peter gets hurt in a battle and Tony needs their help to fix Peter up and Tony makes Bucky feed Peter some weird, nasty tasting protein drink specifically formulated for his hyper metabolism.

Update: Found — It is "Just A Normal Internship" by sarcasmismyweapon. Apparently I couldn't find it because it is Gen fic with no pairing and I was convinced it was a Steve/Bucky, pre-Steve/Bucky/Tony fic.


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