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Human experimentation/torture post-serum Steve (SuperFamily) FOUND

I'm looking for a fic that had Tony/Steve raising Peter. I think Tony was away/at work. Steve arrives home and Peter hears him crying in the bathroom. I think Peter phones some of the Avengers to come help him, and they discover that Steve has been allowing SHIELD/HYDRA to experiment on him to discover the limits of the serum. Pretty sure he's left with bracelets or something that give him electric shocks if he tries to sleep to test his limits of sleep deprivation. 

I know I read this a long time ago, and would love to re-read it or read more of this work! Hoping somebody else will remember this. Thanks!

FOUND: See comments.
Tags: character: peter parker, character: steve rogers, genre: hurt/comfort, pairing: tony/steve, theme: steve (hurt), theme: superfamily, theme: torture

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