bumblebeebowie wrote in avengers_search

avengers breakfast club au?

ok so a while ago i read an avengers breakfast club au it was a high school oneshot(maybe a twoshot?). i went thru like the the tag on ao3 that says breakfast club au  but i couldn't find it. im also just like.. looking for good avengers breakfast club aus because ik there have to be more than the 5 that are under the tags like some people dont tag it and some might be on ffn. 

ANYWAYS what i remember is like steve and bucky are in it and they used to be friends and clint and natasha are there and i think that tony was in it and he tried to commit suicide and bruce is the guy who would rather be at the library just hanging out then at home so he attends detention by choice?

if anyone could help me out that would be amazing! thank you!!


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