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Searching for Bucky/Darcy fic

Forgive me if this is lengthy but I wanted to make sure I remembered all the pertinent details. I read this story a while back on Ao3. I thought I had bookmarked it but I could not find it on my list. The premise of the story is SHIELD has acquired companions that are assigned to help relax the Avengers after strenuous missions with the caveat that their companion's identities not be revealed so they and the team cannot be compromised. 

While Steve's sensibilities are more than a bit offended as he sees it as a form of prostitution, plain and simple. Most of the Avengers, including Bucky, don't have a problem with it. In fact, Buckys is the first to try out his partner.

Unbeknownst to the team, Darcy is one of those hired by SHIELD and is assigned to both the Captain and the Winter Soldier. She agrees to sign up due to SHIELD being willing to pay off all her student loans. Bucky is the first one she is with and they get along like gas on a flaming house. Since their liaisons take place in dark rooms with very little light and there can be direct verbal communication whatsoever, Darcy relies on fingerspelling to talk with Bucky. Bucky is also the first one to punch Darcy's v-card!

Over time the two start falling for each other. Bucky tries to find out his gal's identity, even tries breaking into Fury's office and even asking the one-eyed pirate himself before he is kicked out of the office. 

Steve also proves to be a bit of an obstacle. Steve has a major as a major crush on Darcy, but being his awkward self has yet to approach her.  Darcy, already falling hard for Bucky is cordial and friendly with Steve but nothing more. Feeling more than a little frustrated, Steve visits the room of the companion assigned to them while Bucky is off on a mission. Everything was fine until Darcy tried to kiss Steve but is harshly rebuffed and told he didn't want to be kissed because "he didn't know where her mouth had been," and further implies he believed she was at the beck and call of the whole team.

Needless to say, Darcy was pissed and shoves Steve onto the bed and promptly services him and spits his release back on him before leaving. Later Steve tries to start a conversation with Darcy but is coldly shot down and ignored.

During his next visit, Bucky finds out about Steve's encounter with his "Doll" and beyond pissed. He arranges that Steve's access is cut off whenever Bucky isn't in the tower which causes a tiff between the friends.

Things come to a head when Darcy is abducted and held prisoner. She is badly injured before the team could manage to rescue her. Bucky offers to get her to medical. The moment he holds and the way Darcy reacts to him tell Bucky this is his "Doll". When she is recuperating Steve tries to visit her while Bucky is at her bedside trying to plead his case why he is the better bet when Darcy reveals she was the companion he had insulted and shuts down any possibility of anything between them.

If this rings a bell for anyone I would be grateful for any help I can get!

Thank you.


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