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FOUND Tony Stark & Tony Stark

I think it might have been deleted tho if u have the name or a copy of it I would be forever grateful.
Tony gets thrown back in time or another dimension idk and saves himself from Afghanistan.
Lots of interaction between Tony and Tony and they set him up as his twin brother from italy.
Pepper and Rhodey are there when Tony tells him that its Obie and he collapses.
Tony and Tony capture the winter soldier at the donut shop from the 2nd movie.
That's really alli remember. It isnt a fire made from coals of regrets by themikeymonster.
Any info would be great. Thanks.

So I finally found this bugger. The reason I couldn't find it was bc it was deleted by the author.
I have a copy tho. Its Run From The Future, Run From The Pastlll
by Philosophical_Army
Tags: character: tony stark, search: fic (specific), theme: time travel

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