catloveskats wrote in avengers_search

Thor Helps Loki Get Free


I'm looking for a Thor/Loki story. What I remember is Loki got his lips sewn shut and Thor wants to set him free. He brings Tony a book of Asgard's rules/laws and Tony finds one where Thor can make Loki his wife. Tony suggests it because he could tell by the way Thor talked about Loki. Thor marries Loki and gets his lips fixed. The avengers are invited to the wedding for helping. When Loki and Thor have sex, it thunders really hard and there is magic in the air. All the avengers learn the next morning that Thor is the god of Fertility??? I think. Also Odin is mad through this whole thing and I think people who follow him try to attack on the wedding day but the avengers put a stop to it as they all show up in their avenger gear.?.

Thank you for all the help if you can find it. 


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