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Every chapter title has the word "F**k" in it (and I don't mean funk)

Please help. I'm like 99% sure this is the fic in which every chapter title has the work "f**k" in it.

I'm looking for a fic in which May kicks Peter out after she finds out he's spider-man. I'm not sure, but I don't think she does it immediately; I think she's upset but it isn't until the next day that she kicks him out. She might even offer him an ultimatum of staying with her or Spider-man (but that might be a different fic). After Peter is kicked out, he almost immediately calls Tony, who comes and gets him. I think Tony comes and chews out May once Peter is asleep that night, and tells her that he'll be obtaining legal guardianship of Peter.

I'm not sure if it's the same fic, but I think May later starts going to therapy/a support group, and she starts trying to change for Peter, though neither of them are ready to live together again. In the notes of that fic, if it's the same one, the author talks about how his/her/their mom kicked them out multiple times growing up and didn't pull it together until their younger sibling came along.

I know that Peter's really smart in this one. There's a scene where he realizes he's capable of creating a super soldier serum (it may be phrased as creating more winter soldiers though) and he kind of freaks out. Tony tells him that he understands (because he's also capable of doing so), and that there's a great deal of power/responsibility/risk in having that amount of intelligence.

I think it's in that same scene that Tony explains to Peter that he has contingency plans for the betrayal of everyone around him. He knows exactly how much damage Pepper could do to his company before he would find out. He explains to Peter that it's horrible, but he's planned how to take down his friends if he ever needed to, including Peter. He tells Peter that he (Peter) is incredibly dangerous because of his intelligence alone, but given the addition of his enhanced capabilities and the resources he has available due to relationship with Tony, he is one of the most dangerous individuals on the planet. I think Tony explains that he (Tony) is capable of taking over the world and that sometimes he wants to, because it would be so easy to fix things that are so wrong, but that he never would.

There's a chapter where they go to Switzerland for some sort of accords negotiations. There's some sort of party/gala (hosted by T'Challa) that's really just a more polite atmosphere for negotiating and building alliances surrounding the accords. I know Peter is impressed by how Tony can make two different people believe he's agreeing with two entirely contradictory things so that they'll both side with him without him ever expressly saying so.

Later on, Peter hangs out with Shuri (in Switzerland). I think they get french fries from some fancy/expensive restaurant, drive around looking at bad art/sculptures, and do some other stuff.

Later (still in Switzerland), Tony and Peter get a tour of CERN, and Tony makes Peter fire someone (I'm not entirely sure why they had the authority to do that though) who was being rude and condescending (he also took credit for other people's work and was rude to his coworkers). I think it was because Tony wanted Peter to start learning to exercise authority.

I'm pretty sure the fic is not Rogue-friendly — at least to the extent that the Rogue avengers are not living with Tony anymore — because there's a scene (I think while they're flying to Switzerland) where Tony and Peter discuss all the empty floors in the tower, and Tony explains he had originally made them for the team because "foolishly" he thought they'd all live together like one "big happy family" but then they didn't. The two of them decide then and there to change it, and so they start redesigning the space and picking out furniture/decorations. I do think Tony says that they'll have to have it checked by an architect to make sure that it's structurally sound, and that he didn't forget anything important like a kitchen, because that happened when he designed his Malibu house.

If you recognize some aspects of what I described above but not all, please still share the fic you're thinking of; I may have combined a few fics in my mind. I thought I was subscribed to it, but I can't find it in my subscriptions. I don't know what it's called, so I don't know if it was deleted. I know it was on Archive of Our Own. Please help me find this fic. I've spent multiple hours looking for it on several occasions because it keeps popping back into my head.


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