theslytherinone wrote in avengers_search

Please Help Me Find Stucky Fic-Actor Bucky, Bodyguard Steve

I read this really lovely Stucky fic awhile ago. It was set in the modern era, no powers. It started off with Steve being given a job being Bucky (who was an actor)'s bodyguard. They had been best friends, then foster brothers, as kids. Their foster dad had been Alexander Pierce, and he was cruel, so they tried to run away, but Bucky fell off the train, and had temporary amnesia, but Pierce told Steve Bucky didn't remember him and Bucky that Steve was dead. Steve had been adopted by the Starks and Natasha and Sam were together. Towards the end, Steve got shot at Bucky's movie premiere and Natasha and Sam were there. I think Coulson was Bucky's old bodyguard. I've been looking for this for ages. I believe I read it on AO3. If anyone could help me, I'd really appreciate it!


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