chyfnos (chyfnos) wrote in avengers_search,

Vigilantes save the Avengers

Found: Adventures of a Spiderling (One-shots) by frill, Chapter 7》

I can't find the fic where Peter believes he has been abandoned by Tony as he hasn't contacted him after Civil War/Homecoming, but he ends up making friends with other vigilantes like Wade, Matt, Jessica etc.

They end up being the ones taking care of the big fights whilst the world believes that the Avengers are retired or vacationing with family, although the fact that they haven't had any public appearances is suspicious.

Eventually, we learn that they are all trapped in the avengers' compound due to an airborn poison mixed with it's antidote that is being released - if they leave, they die.

Peter and his group end up saving them and getting them out.

If any one knows what this fic is, thank you x

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