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Loki opens portal for the Statesman; Valkyrie saves his life

Hi, I am looking for a fic that takes place on board the Statesman (I believe).  Loki opens some kind of portal that's supposed to transport the Statesman to Earth, but at first it doesn't appear to work — until it does fully open all of a sudden. At that time Loki was alone with the Valkyrie in some kind of cargo bay to create the portal. The Statesman went through the portal and afterwards Thor and Heimdall tried to contact Loki and the Valkyrie via comm to report their success. After some time only the Valkyrie answered and it turns out, that Loki spent all his energy to create the portal and she tried her best to save his life (CPR?). She destroyed a rune circle (?) to disrupt and close the portal.

Does anyone remember this fic? 

PS: Please excuse my English...


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