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Shady Lady of SHIELD: Bucky/Darcy fic

I know this story is on Ao3, and I have read it in the last four months, but I cannot find it for the life of me. I have posted this request before but I think it may have been a bit too long (ok, way too long) so I thought I would try again, being more precise this time.

- SHIELD has started a program under the table to provide the Avengers companion to help relax and alleviate their stress after missions given the high-risk nature of their jobs. The only caveat is that these companions' identities remain anonymous to protect their privacy. An Avenger can use Jarvis to notify and request their assigned companion's services when there is a need. The encounters take place in a darkened room to hide the companion's identity and no verbal communication from the companion is allowed. 

- Everyone on the team is fine with this arrangement as the people that volunteering know the score. The only one against it is Steve as this seems to offend his old-time sensibilities as he sees it as a form of prostitution, plain and simple. His shock when Buck heads towards one of the rooms for some R&R is priceless!

- Darcy Lewis is one of the unknown volunteers for this program as a sort of part-time job on the side since SHIELD helped pay off her enormous debt from student loans. She is assigned to take care of both the Captain and the Winter Soldier. WS is the first one she meets and is the one to punch her v-card. The pair work around limitations placed them regarding communication when she starts responding to Bucky by writing responses with her fingertips on his skin. She never gives away who she is, but over time she and Bucky fall head over heels for each other. 

- Bucky tries to find out his "Doll's" identity, even going as far as attempting to break into Fury's office, which doesn't do him any good as the old pirate catches him. Fury boots him out.

- Steve had a huge crush on Darcy Lewis but like the awkward duckling he is hasn't made his intentions known. So far all their interactions have been cordial and friendly. But his ineptitude in asking Darcy out builds to the point he pays a visit to Bucky's "Doll". The encounter doesn't go well when Steve emphatically tells "Doll"  he didn't want to be kissed because "he didn't know where her mouth had been,"  Doll pushes Steve back onto the bed and orally services him but in the end spits his emission back onto him before leaving the room.

- Bucky finds out about the encounter had has Jarvis block Steve's access to Doll when he is not present in the Tower. When Steve finds out he gets into an argument with Bucky about him getting hung up over some floozy who was only there for one specific reason.

- Thing with Darcy takes a dive as while she is cordial she is dismissive if not outright cold to Steve.

- Darcy is kidnapped. The whole team is called in to rescue her. Steve is the first to reach her and hands her off to Buffy to take to medical because he is still needed. The moment Darcy is in Bucky's arms and the way she reacts and curls into tells him immediately she is his "Doll"

- Later on, Steve stops by Darcy's hospital room having finally worked up the gumption to talk to her only to find her and Bucky cozied up. There is a bit of a heated exchange of words with Steve trying to plead his case of him being the better choice when Darcy (I think) leans over and kisses Bucky then looks to Steve and tells him "At least now he knows where her mouth has been."

- Bucky and Darcy get together and live happily ever after.


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