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Tony and Steve (Bucky?) fic...

Hi. A long time ago I read a fic on AO3 in which Tony was sort of the main character. And there was a Steve/Tony or Bucky/Tony (I don't remember) love line. Also the fic was quite big in volume, more than 20 chapters for sure (40, 60 maybe? I think there were 100-200k words, but I could be wrong). I don't remember much detail, but I remember well one scene that was after the middle of the story, or was near the end of the fanfic. This scene was about a woman (I think she was Tony's psychologist or something) and Tony having sex with her to make himself feel psychologically/emotionally better. Maybe Tony was lonely and that woman comforted him with sex (I don't remember, blin). I think Tony's eyes were blindfolded with a cloth during sex. What else I remember is that this woman was Natasha's mistress in the past or present.

It's very vague, but maybe someone will remember this fic and help me find it. My search didn't do any results :c

Oh, also, the fic was in English, I think. And there was some drama, but I don't remember which ~


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