Stef coica wrote in avengers_search

Tony Stark talks about his love life (In chap 2 (?), forgot the actual plot and what not)

So first post on this community, yay.

So I read this one story on ao3, it was a stony story, don't know if it was civil war compliant but I'm pretty sure the whole team, excluding Scott (Maybe idk) was in the Avenger's Tower (Or compound don't remember which). All I can really remember about the plot is that around chapter 2 (I think, or in chap 1) the Avengers were all sitting down at a table, eating dinner or something, and someone asked Tony about his love life or how he loves people (Idk how they got ont the topic, maybe Bucky trying to help get Steve and Tony together), and Tony was like, I don't do anything unless I have concrete proof that the other person loves me, so its like he could have a crush but he wouldn't do anything unless he knew or had signals from the other person. Idk how exactly Tony describes it in the chap but it's something like that. I'd appreciate any help.


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