meryngue wrote in avengers_search

I'm searching for a story (Avengers: Loki, Tony, Thor, Hela)

Hi everyone! I'd read a story not so long ago, but unfortunately I lost the link. I can remember the plot more or less:

So I can remember, that Loki was found on Earth and was interrogated by two agents (the name of one of them started with an M). He was tortured and had his mouth sewn shut. He was asked about his intetion on Earth and stuff like that. Then an agent called Tony Stark, to come. In this story Stark and Loki didn't know each other. Tony made Loki to write down his name, and was surprised that this is Loki, Thor's brother. (Loki was scared hearing Thor's name)

Tony managed to rescue Loki, with a flying device (helicarrier I guess), (in which Loki had been taken to the base previously). Later Tony watched videos about Loki's interrogation and got very angry, once he had to take a break during watching them.

Hela and Thor later took revenge for the tortures of their brother.

I hope it's enough for someone who read it to recognize the story. I've been searching for this for days now and couldn't find it. If you know the title pls tell me!


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