lalndawn (lalndawn) wrote in avengers_search,

Looking for selectively mute Loki fics

Hi! Im looking for any fics in general where Loki is selectively mute, but Im also trying to find 2 fics with that concept. Im pretty sure its 2 as i might have merged them in my memory.

What i remember is that in one Odin takes Loki to a Jotunn festival (possibly on Alfheim) to try and show him about his heritage, and he learns that Loki is naturally extememly quiet and shy, barely speaking. In the other, we learn from an older couple Loki stayed with that he practically doesnt speak and is extremely quiet, and everyone is shocked at this. I think people stressed him out? Im pretty sure these were 2 different fics but I might be wrong.

Thank you for any help!
Tags: character: loki

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