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Loki fic where he dies as a child and is raised by Hela

So I remember quite a lot about this fic except the name of course lol and I have not managed to find it myself, not sure anymore if it was on ao3 or fanfiction.net. So Loki dies kinda accidentally(kinda not) when Warriors Three and Thor don't help him out of some sort of pit or a hole and he drowns when heavy rain starts. And this was when he was young and could not use magic to help himself. When he dies his soul goes to Hel and Hela finds him and helps him. Hela is not like in the movies but more like in the myths although she IS Odins daughter. Then some time passes and Loki grows up in Hel but Hela is summoned to Asgard to help with something and Loki goes with her. Here my memory is a little blurry but the Avengers might be there too. Some specific scenes that I remember are Loki showing his skills on training ground and at the end of that vanishing when its starts to rain because he is  afraid of water(trauma from death). There was some Hela flirting with Fandral, also Loki/Sif and so much more. If anyone has any idea what fic this might be I would be over the moon, it's just suddenly came to mind and I can't get it out!


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