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Looking for specific Bucky 'B.A.R.F' fics?

Hope I'm doing this right! 

I've been looking for these two fics for ages but had no luck. Both centred around post-winter soldier Bucky recovering in Avengers Tower, pretty sure they were both gen because that's what I usually read but it was ages ago so I could be mistaken.

The first had a scene where they were using the B.A.R.F technology to go through Bucky's memories of Hydra for evidence (not sure if it was to take down Hydra or to prove Bucky was innocent). The most specific thing I remember from this was a scene where Bucky was being questioned by a bunch of military/government officials, he's super dissociative and not-all-there, and one of their assistants comes into the room with some kind of chemical weapon and Bucky kills him before he can detonate it. I think there was also a secretly-hydra psychologist in this story but I could be mixing it up with something else.

The second story I remember most of but still can't find anywhere. Once again Tony has offered the B.A.R.F tech, but this time to remove the trigger sequence. Quentin Beck (pre-Far From Home) is helping but is obviously bitter and hella sleazy, during a session where Tony is not supervising he tries the trigger words but Bucky manages to resist them.

Sorry if that's not helpful! If anyone has any clues for finding these fics, or can recommend anything similar I'd be super grateful!


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