Fermj Mornosa (captsammy) wrote in avengers_search,
Fermj Mornosa

Please help me find this specific Fic 😭

Hello, good day!
I'm a huge fan of Marvel's Avengers. That's why I tend to read a lot of fiction stories regarding their dynamics as a team. Many years ago, I had read a specific story in Fanfiction that I can't seem to find anymore now. I want to find it again and check if it has been updated, because the last time I've been able to read it, it's still isn't finished.

So it's about the avengers family, mainly steve-centric. The story is about Steve being rushed into a hospital and the shield has cleared the area even before they arrive. Then Ms. Spotts and Mr. Stark are the only ones who is with Steve that time when he's rushed.
Some of the point of view of that story is from a nurse, that the story says us the only one who can help Steve. Steve's soul had been also separated from his body and he doesn't know what to do, and the nurse is the only one who can help him.
I also remember that along the story, the nurse doesn't have any idea that her patient is Captain America until Fury disclosed it to her since the avengers want some other nurse that will attend to their captain after other doctors' agenda is to only treat steve as an experiment while in a coma.

That's the plot of the storyline that I've been able to read before I fail to read it anymore. I hope you could help me find that story. I've been dying to read it again. Thank you guys in advance for the help!

Ps: I remember that Steve's injury had been caused by some abomination like Hulk. That Stark or Ms. Potts is the one who find steve in the bathroom during a party bleeding then he had been rushed to the hospital.

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#SteveInAComa #ProtectiveAvengersFamily

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